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ALUMNAE NEWS Spring 2019





  • Carola Anderson Chaffin ’48 JR. Still up and about and enjoying independent living in Cromwell, CT at 97.
  • Barbara Heselton Colby ‘49 JR. A great grandmother of two boys born in 2019 and 2020.



  • Joan Cook W Morse ’52 JR. My husband and I are living in Florence, MA after living in Maine for over 25 years. I wanted to tell you that my sister, Amy Cook Straus, class of 48’ passed away on 3/10/23.
  • Pat McConnell-McGrady ’52 SR. I fell in June, 2022 and fractured my pelvis-right side. Fell six months later and fractured my left side. Doing well and no difficulty walking. Volunteer at the Free Medical Clinic. Just had 5th great, great grandson.
  • Rita Montero Latta ’53. I am well; still driving. On my birthday, took wonderful trip to Mt. Ranier. Road trip to Grand Canyon last year. Husband doing well.
  • Klara Straut Campos ’53. Retired on Cape Cod for 27 years. Worked as medical office nurse for 34 years. Oldest son Chris is a thoracic surgeon at BIDMC.
  • Alyce Hanley ’54 JR. Alaska continues to be my home with most of my family here. Blessed with good health. Enjoy traveling.
  • Judy Mateer Arensmeyer ’55 JR. Jack and I are hanging in there. Still in our home. Enjoying church and community. God is good.
  • Carolyn Cleaver ’55 JR. My husband Don passed away in April 2022 after five months at home with hospice care. We had our 66th wedding anniversary. I have three great grandchildren and stay busy with church activities.
  • Nancy Hilton Delmege ’55 SR. Still living with my daughter in Niantic, CT. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
  • Juanita Settele Davis ’56 SR. Still in Vermont. Have 15 grandkids and two great granddaughters, all from four children.
  • Joan Davis Dunn ’56 SR. My son, C. Michael Dunn, passed away in November after a ten-year battle with a brain tumor. He will be missed.
  • Gail Chamberlin Larcom ’56 JR. Skip and I are still in Wyoming and doing pretty well. We plan to move to a retirement facility soon.
  • Jean Coombs Temple ’56. I have seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Still in our old house in the country. Get to Moosehead Lake in the summer. May not make long drive to FL this winter—when you are 88 and 89. Our son is building a “winter house” nearby.
  • Lynn Parsons Thompson ’56 JR. By the grace of Eliquis, I’m still “truckin”! Still a winter Texan. Start for Maine in May with two 30-pound dogs by car. We also just settled in our this-year’s Ukraine refugee, Alex, a classical oboe musician. He speaks quite good English. Brad is doing well.
  • Barbara Bell ’57. Love volunteering at the Public Library, more reading. Thanks to Sandy Gibson for news from Cynthia Lawson.
  • Phyllis Swaine Carlson ’57 JR. Living comfortably in an independent senior living residence near Faulkner Hospital and close to my two daughters and their families. I still see clients in private practice.
  • Nany Gould ’57 SR. Retired in 2019 from Upham’s Corner Community Health Center 1991-2019. My granddaughter is a trauma surgeon in New Mexico.
  • Janice Booth ’59 SR. All is well with us. Our 4th grandson graduated magna cum laude from Quinnipiac—boasting! Very proud of granddaughter—freshman at Villanova. Three great grandchildren.
  • Loretta Smith Dragsback ’59. Moved to an apartment for the OLDER people right in my town. Best to all! 
  • Margaret Fisk Edgar ’50 SR. There are still five of us left and we keep in touch with each other. I still drive to Maine with two of my classmates and we talk of good memories of NEDH days.
  • Joan Kelton Lake ’52.  I live by myself and keep busy with small town stuff. My son lives fairly close by. Best regards.
  • Edith Erickson Fountain ’54 SR. I am still moderately active. Miss my days at “Deac” and greetings to all.
  • Alyce Baxter Hanley ’54 JR. An acquaintance recently had a liver transplant at NEDH and she and her family spoke highly of Dr’s, nurses and surgeons. Proud to be an Alumna.
  • Barbara Colena Taylor ’54 JR. Still here painting, although the walls are getting full! I do cards for family birthdays and anniversaries and try to include a poem if my muse appears.
  • Barbara Brown Brandt ’55. We are still able to stay in our home and live independently. However, we no longer take long trips or cruises.
  • Carolyn Cleaver ’55 JR. We have a first great granddaughter born in 2020.
  • Nancy Hilton Delmege ’55. After my husband’s death, I moved from assisted living to my daughter’s home in a beach community in Niantic, CT.
  • Judith Grocott ’55 SR. I am enjoying a life of leisure. My eldest daughter lives with me and shops as I don’t drive anymore. As the saying goes- “Getting old isn’t for sissies!”
  • Gloria Thomas Jacobs ’55. I’m a widow with 3 sons. Getting “old”
  • Juanita Davis ’56 SR. After 64 ½ years of a wonderful marriage, my beloved Parker passed away. I am blessed to live in a peaceful community in Windsor, VT.
  • Barbara Hoyle ’56 JR. So proud of all nurses who have maintained an excellent level of care during the pandemic.
  • Bette Cook Mahon ’56 SR. All is well. Thankfully made it through this year without any health problems.
  • Jean Temple Coombs ’56. We spend our summers on Moosehead Lake in ME and a month plus in FL in the winter. Still active for our age. Still in our house in the country.
  • Barbara Bell ’57 JR. Thank you, Phyllis. Quiet year, lots of reading, more sleeping.
  • Phyliss Swaine Carlson ’57 SR. Healthy and working in private practice office in my home. 2 daughters and their families live nearby. Life is good.
  • Sandra Gibson Hawley ’57. My dear friend, Cynthia Lawson Rackles, class of 1957 passed away this year.
  • Donna Condon Crane ’58 JR. My nurses’ training at the Deaconess has guided me through every phase of my life. Those three years are treasured memories.
  • Janet Norton Fada ’58 SR. My husband Andy died in Dec 2020 of Covid pneumonia. Had prior back surgery in Jan 2020 and had been doing well but started having trouble breathing in Nov 2020. After that, went downhill.
  • Janet Stover ’58 SR. Greetings! I continue to work part time repairing books for our local library. I do cherish many great memories and will try to keep in touch with my classmates!
  • Gail Baker ’59. I’ve been retired for 10 years living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community. Thank goodness I’m in good health and remain active. Wish I could attend Alumnae Day but will be there in spirit.
  • Elizabeth Smith Wilhelmsen ’59 JR. Greetings to all my classmates and other grads as well. Sorry we didn’t get together for a 60th. I stay in touch with class at email.




  • Jean Bryant ’60. We have become great grandparents to little Blake and Dorothy! So cute!
  • Sandra Longley Gallagher ’60. Loving life in VA! Healthy and kicking!
  • Nancy Sawyer Marshutz ’60. I moved to North Carolina during the pandemic. My daughter moved in with me to help. We travel as much as I can and have been to New England, Nashville, Ireland, Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest in the last two years!
  • Judith Blatchford Updegraff ’60. Still doing well. Planning a trip to London and Paris in the Fall with my daughter.
  • Elizabeth Dunbar ’61. Hello to everyone! I had a good talk with Betty Benn-class of 55.
  • Vicki Cahill Hopewell ’61. Thank you so much for all you do, Phyllis.
  • Judith Moore Harriet ’62. Dealing with severe peripheral neuropathy so mobility is a huge problem but not slowing down. Running a support group at my church. Aging well. Husband still doing his woodworking. I am crocheting.
  • Janice Palmer Bonham ’63. Welcomed my first great grandchild. What a thrill to have four generations. Still residing on ”Chessie” Bay (MD) and continue to volunteer. Traveling is wonderful once again.
  • Linda Briggs ’63. Spent 80th birthday recuperating from total knee replacement in April. Will probably need the second one done.
  • Jean Holden Johnson ’63. I enjoyed a trip to Ireland in Sept 2022 given to me by my daughters for my 80th birthday. It was a trip of a lifetime. So beautiful!
  • Jane Pulsifer Klasmeier ’63. My husband Jerry passed away in June 2022—a very sad time for our family. We were married for 56 years.
  • Marilyn Libby Segars ’63. Enjoying retirement after 32 years working in Pediatrics and Adult Asthma and Allergy. After diagnosis of melanoma in 2014, remain healthy with no spread.
  • Judy Bullard Hadrick ’64. I went to Chili and Easter Island last January and will be going to Madrid to visit my granddaughter during her junior semester there.
  • Janice Call ’65. My husband and I enjoy traveling and our cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee in the summer. Looking forward to our oldest grandson’s wedding.
  • Marsha Soar Stephenson ’65. Retired in 2021 after 30 years in Hospice and Palliative Care. We are snowbirds in Siesta Key, FL.
  • Anne B. Christoph ’66. Enjoy having my sister Jan Bradbury McHard, NEDH class of 68 nearby in Nashua, NH.
  • Sharon Titus ’66. Still enjoying Northern New Hampshire and family and friends. So sorry to hear about Pamela Wingo as she and I were roommates for all three years of our classes at NEDH.
  • Carol Hill ’67. My husband Bill passed away 3/4/22. Learning to live a new life.
  • Diann Dunn Thompson ’67. Enjoying my first grandchild. So happy to be able to travel again.
  • Sara Sylvester Tavares ’67. Husband and I occupy three homes: Arizona, Connecticut and Maine. Had aortic valve replacement three years ago and feel much more energetic. Celebrated 51 years together in August. Facebook keeps lots of classmates connected.
  • Dara Young Keenan ’68. Time goes by so fast. Still plodding along as per diem nurse at BWFH Endoscopy unit. I have six grandchildren. Join us for lunch at the King St Café in Franklin. There are 3-6 of us that meet about once a month on Wednesday.
  • Sue Carson ’68. Thank you for all you do.
  • Heather Mulligan Kiss ’68. Currently retired. Four children. Ten grandchildren. Four great grandchildren.
  • Karen Dispensa ’69. Happy in Littleton. Retired with one grandchild, so far.
  • Jean Corcoran Hall ’60. It has been a difficult year living during COVID. Hopefully it can resolve. The family is doing ok.
  • Sandra Longley Gallagher ’60. Come visit me in VA! We can hike and bike on the Appalachian Trail and drink wine at all the wineries.
  • Judith Blatchford Updegraff ’60. Weathered COVID just fine. Was vaccinated early and was able to help to vaccinate others. It felt good to be able to help. Looking forward to traveling again.
  • Brenda Colborne ’61. A life changing year. My mother passed away in January at 100 years of age. She had been a classmate of N.E.D.H. In July, my first great grandchild was born 7 weeks early weighing 4 LB 7 oz. After she was extubated, she was breathing on her own.
  • Vicki Cahill Hopewell ’61. Retired, widowed and living between Fort Myers FL and Maine. I have 3 sons, 4 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and 2 great granddaughters. Such happy memories of NEDHSON!
  • Frances J. Swift MacPherson ’61. I lost my youngest brother, Thomas Swift, in 2020. I had heart failure and kidney disease but am doing well now.
  • Judith Moore Harriett ’62. Busy hand quilting small quilts to be given to people in wheelchairs, homebound and longer ones for those getting chemo.
  • Jean Jenkins ’62. Greetings to all. I’m very content living in a gated community in North Fort Myers, FL. The last 25 years of my career were spent doing psyche home care on Cape Cod while living in Brewster. I pray you are all well and content.
  • Janice Palmer Bonham ’63. I retired from the College of Southern MD Nursing program but continue to be an evaluator/visitor as an accreditor for A.C.E.N. Keeps me up to date on nursing education.
  • Judith Chapman Davis ’64. Still working overtime.
  • Jane Osborne Potter ’64. All is well here. Thank you for what you do!
  • Janet Sarwela ’64. My husband and I are weathering the pandemic and looking forward to our summer home on Cape Cod. So grateful to all the nurses who continue to be on the front lines.
  • Susan Sinclair Eastler ’65. I will be moving to Rockport, ME in September to be closer to family. I’m retired and very busy.
  • Alice Farquhar-Mayes ’65. My husband and I moved to a beautiful retirement community with all levels of care. We’re still unpacking and happy to be here. Food is great too!
  • Charon Pierson ’65. After my husband died, I moved back to Manchester, CT to be near family. I work part time as a freelance proofreader and copy editor for the JAMA Journals. Learning to use my snow blower.
  • Sharyn Dickinson Wrightington ’65. Stay safe and well.
  • Marilyn Lydecker Bowen ’66. Staying well and enjoying life on Cape Cod with family, including 5 grandchildren ages 6 months to 12 years!
  • Margaret Davis Stevens ’66. Working 3 days a week as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner doing primary care and mentoring NP students for Vanderbilt. Hello to my friends of 1966-
  • Dale McLennan Young ’66. Enjoying living in rural Tennessee after retiring 10 years ago. My rewarding nursing career took me all over the country.
  • Anita Bondurant ’67. We are downsizing this Fall-smaller house. Our grandson Will is at U of Louisville and granddaughter Isabelle is a senior in high school.
  • Connie Gull ’67. Hibernating at home! Had rotator cuff repair in Feb. Surgery was easy. Rehab not so much!
  • Carol Hill ’67. Retired in 2016-still miss nursing.
  • Data Young Keenan ’68. I still work per diem at Faulkner Hospital in the Endoscopy Unit 0-2 days a week. I see Joyce (Slavitz) Schmid, Linda (Shaw) Warren, her sister Diane, Sue (Johnson) Carson, Jane (Moose) Weir about once a month for lunch. Would love to hear from anyone. Join us for lunch.
  • Nancy R. Parker ’68. In March of 2021, I moved to Woolwich, Maine and am enjoying it.
  • Donna Apprill ’69. My husband, Jim, passed away in July 2020. Ready to start seeing family again after California restrictions.



  • Joan Anderson ’70. Many years have passed since graduation but thankful for get togethers. Great to see many classmates and catch up with family news.
  • Janice Krohn ’70. Just moved from the city, after 30 years, to a condo in Walpole.
  • Evelyn Gulbrandsen Ray ’70. Looking forward to second 1970 class reunion in Ogunquit, ME in September. Will be traveling to Germany in September so will miss Alumnae gathering.
  • Helen Laporte Williams ’70. Alive and well, still living in Vermont. Late 50th reunion in Maine, Sept 2022 which we are repeating again this year. So great to reconnect with classmates.
  • Brenda Griffin ’71. Danny and I remain blessed with good health.  We’ve resumed our River Cruises in the U.S. I stay active at our senior center and library as their secretary; planning annual Fall visit to Judy Tucker in Vermont.
  • Darlene Young Bernier ’72. Husband and I built our last house and now live ¾-mile in on a hill. 200 acres will accommodate five grandchildren?
  • Nance Hardy Eaton ’72. Living life in the Villages, Florida.
  • Deborah Hood Neumeister ’72. I retired in 2015 due to severe back injury and damaged tendon from medication. A son 39 and daughter 35. No grandchildren yet. I have four grand cats!
  • Shirley Hewitt Peverly ’72. I have been retired from nursing for 16 years. Just completed eight months of treatment for endometrial cancer. Have a 2 ½ year old granddaughter I’ve been married 51 years.
  • Mary Foley ’73. I hope to attend Alumnae Day, Oct 14. Fifty years!!
  • Richard Bellofatto ’75. Took early retirement in 2016, worked most of my career in the E.R. at BWH, last 15 yrs in the cath lab and then EP @BWH. Still keep in touch with Don Rainville, CRNA, San Francisco, CA.
  • Cindy Braver Masciarelli ’75. Enjoying retirement, taking trips and spending time at our home in Maine and being with my three grandchildren.
  • Barbara Paradis McCarthy ’75. Still work in Risk Management at Beverly Hospital, finishing my year as Past President of ASHRM, Vice Chair of Rockland BOH and health care member of the Melmark NE Human Rights Committee. Guess we NEDH grads just love to give back and can’t slow down. 
  • Ruth Andrews-Bys ’77. Retired in April!
  • Karen Blair ’77. I’m retired for a year, hiking, walking every day and enjoying every moment living in such a beautiful part of the country. Some travel, lots of family contact. Loving it!
  • Jane Johnson Emery ’77. Retired Sept 2021 after 44 years of Obstetrical nursing. Thirty of those years were at St. Mary’s Hospital-Lewiston, Maine.
  • Diane Buchanan Westbrook ’77. Still working as an NP in long-term case work part time. Four grandchildren. Worked throughout the whole pandemic. Hoping to do some traveling again, soon. Greetings to all.
  • Kerry Connor King ’78. My husband of 44 years passed away in January 2023. Adjusting to my new life. Keeping busy and still working four days a week at an Endo Center in West Bridgewater.
  • Karen Kondvar Nelson ’78. I’m still working in the NICU at Women and Infant’s Hospital in Providence, RI. I’ve been there for 45 years!
  • Evelyn Gulbrandsen Ray ’70. Really enjoyed meeting classmates for lunch this Spring. Thank you, Ann Chase for bringing us together.
  • Marcia Green ’71. Enjoyed visiting with classmates on FB to celebrate 50 years!
  • Brenda Griffin ’71. We were blessed surviving the pandemic. With Zoom, I remained connected to the Senior Center and the Library. Hopefully we can resume our River Cruises.
  • Pamela Wicks Kelly ’71. I’ve been retired for 3 years. Enjoying the outdoors here in Central Oregon. Celebrating our 50th anniversary in June 2021.
  • Darlene Y. Bernier ’72. Just built a new home at Hidden Acres. Retired for 5 years.
  • Carol Leigh Hopley ’72. I am officially retired from nursing.
  • Deborah Brackett Brennan ’73. I retired in 2019 after 40+ years as Director of 3 Adult Day Health Centers. I am saddened to report the passing of my good friend and N.E.D.H roommate, Joanne Brown Seifart in August 2019. She is missed.
  • Paula (Gooley) Lanson ’75. Retired completely! Working with 501(3) c nonprofit Haitian Outreach, Fitchburg, MA.
  • Marilyn Lundstrom ’75. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and fortunately live in an area of South Carolina with access to the best medical care.
  • Cindy Brauer Masciarelli ’75. Retired and taking care of the grandkids. Had first knee replacement and planning to have #2 done next winter.
  • Barbara Paradis McCarthy ’75. Laura and Phyllis, thanks for all you do every year for us!
  • Brenda Brule McDonough ’75. Happily retired in June 2020. Prayers for all my colleagues working thru these historic times.
  • Kate Aldrich ’76. Still working part time as a trauma/cardiac surgery NP. I got a PHD from UCSF in 2009.
  • Cynthia Linn Griffis ’76. Thanks for what you do, Phyllis and all.
  • Ruth Andrew-BYS ’77.  Still working and survived COVID and vaccine side effects.
  • Cynthia Brown ’77. Thanks to all.
  • Cynthia Simonds Ragusa ’77. Whenever I drive by BIDMC, I look where our dormitory was and remember so many nice memories. We are getting older, but memories never fade.
  • Susan Cohenno Rock ’77. Thank you for all you do!
  • Ruth Pearson Feldman ’78. Still working at BIDMC in Interventional Radiology. Have 2 granddaughters and expecting 2 grandsons.
  • Kerry Connor King ’78. Still working 4 days at Commonwealth Endoscopy Center in W. Bridgewater.
  • Chris Petrone ’78. I would love to hear from classmates, especially cousin Beverlie Conant Baveis-Kirkpatrick at I’m working at an inner-city clinic in Hartford and enjoying time with my retired husband, kids and granddaughter.
  • Catherine Noble Heart ’79 (formerly Christina Bond Sokoloff). I continue to enjoy my work as a Psychiatric CNS in Rhode Island. I’ve been working in geriatric psychiatry for over 20 years. I’m enjoying being Nanakiki to my grandsons.
  • Joan Westerberg George ’79. Diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Both my daughters are married and I have a 9-month-old granddaughter.
  • Karen Oneil Wetherbee ’79. 30th wedding anniversary trip to Alaska. Lots of fun and beautiful scenery. Semi-retired: 1-2 days as an RN in a critical access hospital.



  • Jan Barnes Ditullio ’80. Happily married to Steve for 39 years. Three grown children and 2 grandchildren. Retired and living in Southport, NC. My brother and sister-in-law (AKA Tarrae Tolosko-Class of ’79) live here too!
  • Joline Woodhead ’80. March 2023- a 43-year reunion in Fort Lauderdale with Sharon Costa, Lesley Buchanan, Carolyn Morrison ad Deb Gregoire. What a spectacular time!
  • Candis Edmonds Contento ’82. Newly retired and enjoying every minute of it! Taking our therapy dog to hospitals, nursing homes and schools here in upstate NY. A nice way to stay connected with the nurses as well.
  • Karen Isabelle ’82. I enjoy working in Disaster Health Services for the American Red Cross.
  • Donna Lyons ’83. Husband fell backwards down our stairs on Easter. Fractured L1. Spent 2 ½ weeks in Rehab. Home now and slowly healing. Planning to move when we find a one-level house.
  • Pamela Underhill Donovan ’85 Still at BIDMC. Just moved to Klarman Building. Deirdre O’Regan Mealy and I still work together!
  • Renee Gibley Richard ’85. I’m still at the Brigham. Just dropped to 20 hours. Love spending time with my grandson (11 months old) once a week.
  • Anne Lynch Cormier ’88. Hello to all! Living my best life personally and professionally. May 2022, I had the privilege of joining the NICU at MGH as the nurse director. I work with and for an amazing team. My family is well. Wishing everyone blessings. 
  • Joline Gauthier Woodhead ’80. I’m still working in quality dept at SMHC in Biddeford, ME. I welcomed my first grandchild Adeline Rose.
  • Patrice Bibeau ’82. So nice to see the website! Be well. Email-
  • Karen Hartnett Isabelle ’82. I am still actively involved with the Red Cross. I moved back to the Boston area.
  • Gayle Poggi ’82. I’m still living on Martha’s Vineyard. I work as a Chief Quality Officer at Island Health Center. My two daughters are in the medical field. One is an RN at BIDMC, the other in PA school.
  • Paola Richard ’82. Loving Virginia! Miss all my former classmates.
  • Kelly Wilson Shanley ’82. Working at Southcoast Health overseeing regulatory operational excellence and clinical research for our system. Awaiting a hip replacement.
  • Donna Lyons ’83. Had cataract surgery. Otherwise, family all well, vaccinated and happy to hug again!
  • Mary Gilmore McLaughlin ’83. I’m working as an anticoagulation RN in Manchester, NH. Enjoy the work. My 3 daughters are grown and my husband has retired. Stay safe!
  • Mary Grzybinski ’86. I have 2 daughters (one RN @Children’s and one NP at Yale). Also 3 grandchildren- 2 boys and 1 girl. 



NameClass OfDate of Death
Jane Fox 1952August 2020

Allen,Phyllis Bradley 

911 call-Hospital-hospice-passing (all in 11days)                           

    Caswell, Anna Griffith        1953May 26,2023
Nancy Racine Downey 1956Sept 2021 (with pancreatic cancer)
Adelaide Emery O’Neil1958March 2023
Frances Bryan Brueschka1965August 2017
Pamela Harless Wingo19662015
Cirelli, Jane Fox1966Aug.22,2022
Davis, Donna 1970? when
Hadley, Gail Somes  1955May 27,2021
Hollenbeck, Nancy1957? when

Kramer,Jane McNutt (Mother often mentioned our School of Nursing, she met another graduate living in her apartment complex)

Jewell, Linda Mckearney1961Oct.2022
Morris, Elizabeth Short1957Feb.6,2022
Silver, Cleo1958March21,2023
Ramsey, Cynthia Cameron1958Jan.6,2023
Straus,Amy Cook1948March,10,2023
Vivi Blakely Schmidt1977September 2015 (after a 3 year battle with ovarian cancer)

Jeanne Planeton Rivera       

1957 Jr October 2016     
Judith Lydiard Kinley      1963April 2018
Roberta Pye Miller1948November 2018
Beverly Wild Daley1954 JrJuly 2017
Marcia Dewart Tripp1960Jan 2019
Winifred Stuart Pickering1951October 2018
Muriel Howarth Cundiff1942Feb 2014
Heidi Schultz Casassa1982Dec 2018
Lois Heintz Schultz1952 SrMarch 2019
Marilyn Lanzo Paul1957 SrDecember 2018
Betty Maher Crosy1962June 2017
Bonnie MacDonald LaFave1962Dec 2017
Jo Robichaud Maxwell1962July 2018
Sue Pease Barnes1962November 2018
Beverly Wilkins1962February 2019
Carol Gustafson Weddle?September 2018
Ruth Brown Hewett1954September 2018
Elaine Evans Connell1950March 2018
Ruth Wells Baxter19392019