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Dear Members:

Hope you are all enjoying summer time activities, although with all the rain we’ve had, that could be an issue. Your board met for the first in-person meeting in over a year last week and main topic of discussion was whether we should have our October Alumnae Day or move to next spring as things are still pretty iffy in many places regarding Covid still. We are able to secure the room at the Longwood Grille for Saturday, May 14th, 2022, so by a consensus vote, the decision has been made to postpone this year’s alumnae day until next spring.

We are aware that this may change other plans people were making, but feel at this point in time, it is the safer option for everyone involved.

All transcripts have been converted to a digital format. Please send a request to the following email address:  and send in the $7.00 to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 20 Overland Street, Suite 400A, Boston, MA 02215 – ATTN: Human Resources Coordinator. One could also call the main number: 617-975-9800

Remember we have the web site. We also have a Facebook page.

Any name +/or address change should be sent to Phyllis @  - NOT left on the web site etc. If you know of anyone not receiving this letter please send their name and address to Phyllis. With any correspondence, please include your maiden name, address, and year of graduation. If you would like to receive notifications via email only, please send your email address For those of you utilizing the email option, it would be helpful to have your name associated with your email address. Sometimes it’s obvious, but other times, it’s a mystery!

Please be sure to return your envelope with dues If not sent in already (or send them in a separate envelope for the email group) along with any news items for the next letter. Simplest address to use is to send directly to Phyllis Giardini at 30 Sunhill Lane, Newton Centre, MA, 02459-2403. Have a wonderful, safe rest of the year (2020 – 2021 Year(s) of The Nurse) and see you next spring!!!!

Best Regards,

Laura Ritter-Cox class of 1976 President 

Phyllis Giardini class of 1952 Treasurer


Dues are still $10.00 per year and we have not raised them in many, many years – so such a bargain!!!!




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